Sustainable swim guide

Updated: Jul 14

Image: Mara Hoffman

After many hours of research, I have navigated through countless brands and their sustainability initiatives. Using my experience and expertise to sift through new fabrication offerings, technological advances and avoid garish and subtle greenwashing, I bring to you the first Sonzai Studios swim edit.

Don't have time to read specifics right now and trust my expertise? Heres a list with links to shop now (in alphabetical order):



Cleonie Swim


Hunza G


Mara Hoffman

Natasha Tonic

Salty swimwear

sustainable swimwear LONDRE
Sustainable, sexy and trendy swimwear for every figure. Image: LONDRE

Within my choices, I have not only looked at the social, environmental and ethical processes of these brands, I have also factored in their use of diversity in their imagery and campaigns. I was delighted to see many brands offering imagery of their products on various body shapes and sizes, and celebrating women holistically.