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Sustainable Fashion Consultancy

Sonzai 存在 : (noun) Existence, being, presence.
Helping brands do better, communicate their progress and plan for the future.

What we do

Strategy Communication 
Education workshops

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Sonzai Studios client, Marle, speaks to Celeste about her personal journey, purchasing with a sustainable mind, and having confidence and optimism in the power of change.

Discussing industry topics, learnings and advice on how to live more mindfully.

"Across virtually every category of consumer goods, sustainability is where the growth is, which I think tells you something about where customers are.” 


"We've had the pleasure of working with Celeste across multiple areas of the business on our journey towards becoming a more sustainable brand...I feel so grateful having Celeste's support on this journey, she comes with a huge amount of knowledge, wisdom and kindness. I look forward to working alongside Celeste closely as we navigate our way towards a better future together."


Jasmin Scott, Director Jasmin Sparrow Jewellery NZ


Girls in their Gardens

indoor plant garden
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This series will share stories of women across the globe, in an array of career

paths and life stages. 

To connect, educate and

inspire us to improve our

world and ourselves,

one plant at a time.


An interview series to highlight how we can all grow food and plants in our homes, no matter the limitations on space or finances. Join us as we explore a variety of gardens - from small city apartment windowsills to expansive farms.