Sustainable sneaker guide

Updated: Jul 14

Stella McCartney x Adidas

As the class concludes, I step off the bike and grab my right foot to stretch out my quad. As I remove my hand from my sneaker I notice it is heavily marked black. Not only are the soles long devoid of grip, the left with a tear in the side from a cycle class incident (tuck your laces IN when on a bike!), but now the top of them is also removing itself when touched. After loving my sneakers for six years, I believe it's time to move on. Here lies the drive for this sustainable sneaker guide.

I've curated this list with quality and style in mind. The best purchases we can make are multifunctional - so I set out to find sneakers I could wear out, and also to the gym. Thank you to those that sent me their favourite sustainable sneaker brands on instagram. Veja was the obvious pick, so I've dug a little deeper and discovered some alternative brands whos initiatives get me excited - from algae soles to a glue-free product.

A sustainable and stylish sneaker? Now is the time.

Trust my expertise and don't have time for the details? Here are the brands that made the list in alphabetical order:

Allbirds $$

Ecoalf $$

Everlane $

Nae $$

Stella McCartney $$$

Tropic Feel $$

8000 Kicks $