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“The best instigator for change is to empower your staff.”  - Celeste

I have designed these sustainability workshops to be relevant to all business sectors- from food to fashion. With a focus on educating in a way that is human-centric, light and positive, I am passionate about my talks being a drive for individual action. To have the greatest impact, they have been created to be insightful as well as easy to digest - even for people with little to no experience in the sustainability sphere.

 Through my work, I have witnessed how empowering staff on an individual level creates cohesion between departments, leading to successful strategy implementations and happier employees.

These talks excite people, not just on how they can make a change as individuals, but excites them about their workplace. These presentations are an opportunity for a company to enhance their sustainability conversation, increasing brand attraction to new and current staff.

Workshop options


Sustainability 101

The most popular talk, Sustainability 101, gives an introduction to what sustainability means, it's history, why it's the most pressing issue of our day and what we can do.

Download the poster.


Sustainability Series

A series is the best option when wanting to offer specific information to different departments, or to delve a little deeper each session with the same group. These resources can be used externally for communication and press purposes and given over a set period of time.



Design a bespoke talk in collaboration with us on a specific area of interest. This could include deciphering greenwashing, looking at climate change and where the main impacts are, or an overview of the ethics of production.

“Celeste excels at taking the vast and complex topic of sustainability and synthesising it into understandable, and most importantly, highly engaging talks. What can be a very confusing and dry topic, Celeste manages to make it entertaining and accessible. I have thoroughly enjoyed each I have attended and learned a great deal. I am looking forward to many more!”

Elizabeth Roberts, Commercial Director, RIISE