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"If we go back to that $20 cotton tee shirt for example- did you know over 77 million cotton farmers get poisoned from pesticide use each year? How much of that $20 did they get to pay for their hospital bills so you could wear that tee shirt? Our perception is wrong, so we really need to change the way we look at clothing and the value of it."


November, 2021


"Fashion is important. It has power. It can make us feel amazing in a meeting, on a date, or comfort us when we are stuck at home for 100+ days in a row. My hope is that as the new technologies and options gain traction, the old and unsustainable ways of producing become extinct."

November, 2021

"The new trend (and therefore problem) in the space is offsetting. The UN’s recent IPCC report is clear that the industry needs to halve their emissions before 2030 - planting trees isn’t going to do that. Unfortunately, brands have been focusing on the wrong methods to reduce their environmental footprint and mitigate climate change - offsetting being one of them. I help brands with what to do instead."

September, 2021

Advanced Copy
Interview & podcast

"...getting sustainability to a point where brands don’t think of it as a separate part of their business and it’s interwoven into every one of their sectors so it works like an ecosystem in permaculture – that can happen. Rather than making sustainability sexy, we need to make sustainability simple. ...."

April, 2021

RUSSH Magazine

Is it possible to shop sustainably during a pandemic?

"It's a perfect storm really. Millions of us stuck at home, with nothing to do but look at screens. Those screens, filled with very clever algorithms that have shown us we might not be going anywhere, but my word do we need new things. The burning question – how to shop sustainably and fulfil the urge to splurge at the same time?...."

Oct, 2020

Deadly Ponies

In conversation with: Celeste Tesoriero

"Fashion has been psychologically placed as throwaway, so we generally give the same amount of time to our purchase as we would a consumable like food. Think of it more like a keepsake, or something you don’t want to replace very often like a dishwasher....."

Oct, 2020

RUSSH Magazine

Celeste Tesoriero on how to consume fashion ethically

"One of the biggest misconceptions brands have about sustainable fashion is that it will cost more to make. Sustainable fashion is actually smarter. Introducing practices such as minimising waste means saving money. Minimising your carbon footprint means you are saving on your energy bill. This cost saving, can absorb the extra costs of producing in an ethical factory and using quality materials...."

Sep, 2020

Jasmin Sparrow Jewellery
Sentiments series: Interview

"Each statement piece of jewellery I have makes me feel a certain way. It's the same with clothing, and what drew me to be a designer. The power of what we wear has the ability to lift us."

May, 2020

Apparel Magazine

Industry according to Celeste Tesoriero

"The future of fashion looks different. As the future of our lives looks different in every way. Five years ago we didn’t have Deliveroo. In three years we will have fully automated self-driving cars. Offices are becoming rare, redundant, as it’s cost-effective for companies to no longer have them. Less people are choosing to move to big cities for work..."

April, 2019

"With all the necessary noise against our environmental crisis, and the fashion industry’s contribution to this, Legacy Summit shone a bright light on pressing ethical issues and connected us back to the humanity of making clothes..."

March, 2019

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