Girls in their Garden - Mimi

Updated: Jul 14

Our next 'Girls in their Garden' series muse is dancer, creator, and influencer Mimi

Mimi Elashiry at home in Melbourne. Image: @_jiordy
"My fascination with the beauty of plants coincided with the start of my health journey, and soon I learnt, of course… what better way to nourish your body and soul than growing your own food?"

Mimi's self-described 'indoor, sunny, herbaceous' apartment garden is in Collingwood, VIC, where the Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung are the traditional owners of the land. An avid traveller, spending months away at a time, Mimi still prioritises growing and nurturing plants. Cleverly choosing hardy herbs, she has mapped the natural light and creates air flow to keep them happy. A true testament that no matter how small your space, or busy your life - you can enjoy growing your own food.

I met Mimi many moons ago, through work events in the fashion industry, and we have many beautiful mutual friends. She is very inspiring in how she chooses to do life, and the lens in which she see's the world. I chose her for my first muse of 2021, in hope that during this time, even though some of us are physically restricted to our homes, we can create a space to grow.

Dear Mimi...

Describe yourself as someone who loves you would…

Mimi is a force of nature, creating and manifesting her dreams and goals against all odds. She searches for, and cultivates, visual and energetic beauty in everything. When she dances she expresses the depth of her true self.

Like a bowerbird, she pays attention to little details in her space and perches each perfect piece of foraged nature, vintage ornaments, or sentimental gifts like a balancing act of colour, weight and energy nestling in every corner of her nest.

Mimi loves creative writing, she loves to journal in the form of poems … sometimes she shares them with the world. She loves more than anything to capture the most intimate moments of her friends and family on