Girls in their Garden - Amanda

Updated: Sep 26

Our next 'Girls in their Garden' series muse is the co-founder of Church Farm General Store, naturopath, surfer and mum of four, Amanda Callan.

Amanda wearing second-hand clothing sourced at her local op shop.

Amanda's garden is on the land of the Arakwal Bumberlin people in Billinudgel, within Bundjalung of Byron Bay, Australia. Amanda and her partner ditched city life, brought an old church, planted roots and grew a garden at the same time as a successful business. What once started out as a passion project in the couples back shed, Church Farm General Store now has over a hundred stockists nationally (including providing the soap bars for The Source Bulkfoods) and their own online store. Famous for their sauces and soaps (see their current collab with Nagnata here), they have an unfaltering ethos of using 100% locally sourced, natural ingredients. The business has grown beyond being able to farm what they need on their property, but Amanda still makes the time to plant at home - using the medicinal plants and weeds for her naturopathy work, and always having herbs and salad greens handy for the family.

I met Amanda through friends in Byron, shortly after she had given birth to her twin boys- all bubbly personality, honest statements and an infectious smile. I'm so excited to have her as my next series muse, as her story is fulled with heart, spontaneity, fun and inspirational decision making based on pure instinct. I hope you enjoy.

Describe yourself as someone who loves you would…

Amanda is tall and is always surrounded by little boys, but seems okay. Ha.

Describe your garden in three words.

Miraculously. Still. Thriving.

Favourite quote?

‘Everyone should have themselves regularly overwhelmed by nature’- George Harrison

Favourite plant?

Today it’s the Mulberry tree.

The story of how you found the church and land is such a good example of ‘when it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be’. Can you describe how this happened for you and Andrew?

Looking back it does feel like divine intervention or some spooky manifestation. We were driving with my parents in no particular direction, after dreaming and talking about how great it would be to find an old hall or an old church to buy. We drove to the end of the main street in Billinudgel and said "Oh imagine if this little one was for sale"- and as we looked closer it had a For Sale sign on the front with a mobile phone number. We called straight away.